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PV Modules


EU made


Rigorous quality



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Consistency in uncompromised quality is paramount for every manufacturer and a fundamental criterion for BISOL. With a dedication to excellence, BISOL's modules have been designed, crafted, and certified within the European Union, ensuring compliance with rigorous quality standards while supporting the EU economy.

To make our products, we combine unique state‑of‑the‑art manufacturing processes with highly specialized customized equipment and proven materials thoroughly tested and certified by independent inspection organizations. 


One notable aspect of BISOL's TOPCon solar modules is their enhanced efficiency and exceptionally low degradation rate. You can rest assured that you have been purchasing first‑class products that will serve you long and meet all your expectations.

In addition to technological advancements, BISOL's legacy is marked by a steadfast commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility


5 reasons why choose BISOL PV modules

1.  BISOL solar modules are both designed and manufactured in Europe to substantially reduce the time from order to installation, and enable a considerably higher quality control in production together with a personal customer support.


2.  BISOL modules have a record low claim rate at just 0.01%, which is 10-times lower compared to the automotive industry. In two decades of operation of BISOL, there was not a single case of complaint due to moisture intrusion and module delamination.


3.  BISOL is the only solar brand in the world offering a product with 25 years of 100% Output Power Guarantee.


4.  BISOL’s world-unique practice of sorting modules by power output, voltage, and current eliminates 70% of the PV module mismatch losses and improves power plant performance.


5.  By adhering to stringent environmental standards and manufacturing modules within the EU, BISOL aims to minimize its carbon footprint and contribute to a cleaner, greener future.

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