PV Modules

Consistence in uncompromised quality is paramount for every manufacturer and fundamental criterion for BISOL. To make our products, we are carefully combining the unique state‑of‑the‑art manufacturing processes with a highly specialised customised equipment and proven materials that have been thoroughly tested and certified. Precision and strict quality control of solar modules necessary for long‑term and carefree performance are checked regularly by the independent inspection organisation OVE Testing and Certification, Vienna, Austria.

You can rest assured that you are purchasing first‑class products that will serve you long and meet all your expectations because BISOL solar modules are famous for exceptionally low degradation.

We are most proud of our two series, BISOL Supreme™ and BISOL Premium.


Power inside,

elegance outside.

European Art

The only one in the world with

25 years of 100% Output Power Guarantee

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From your order date we need only two to four weeks to order raw material, receive it to production, manufacture your products and make them ready for delivery to you.

You deserve only the best, you deserve only BISOL!

Made in Europe

BISOL solar modules are both designed and manufactured in Europe.

Proximity to the manufacturer substantially reduces the time from order to installation of the solar power plant and enables a better, more personal customer support. It also ensures a considerably higher quality control in module manufacturing.

Module pre-sorting
With additional information located at the back of the PV modules, now carefully pre-sorted according to power, voltage and current, the serial and parallel resistances within the PV plant matrix can be matched, reducing the module array mismatch losses by up to 70%.

Strictly positive power output tolerances
All BISOL PV modules are overpowered, with real (flashed) power exceeding the nominal by up to 5 Wp, continuously providing an additional benefit for the investor.

Higher energy yield
Numerous satisfied owners of PV power plants with BISOL modules and the German Photon module energy yield test have confirmed an up to 13% higher energy yield. Due to their excellent performance, the BISOL modules are among the top-ranking PV modules worldwide.

25-year linear output power guarantee
No less than 85% power output by the end of the 25th year of operation guaranteed. During the first year, at least 97% of the output is guaranteed, followed by a maximum 0.50% yearly decrease over the next 24 years. This means a 6.25% higher output in the 25th year than standard industry linear guarantee.

Low degradation rate
In the TÜV-performance-over-time testing which is equivalent to 20 years of module operation, the BISOL modules exhibited the lowest degradation rate of just 0.5% out of the permitted 5.0%.

Consistent use of best materials from reputable manufacturers
Selection of materials in PV module manufacturing has a direct impact on the quality, durability, performance as well as the financial structure of the PV power plant. The cost of materials accounts for more than 90% of the PV module price (only 4% falls onto labour cost), therefore the module price often directly indicates product quality.

BISOL products are thoroughly tested and comply with the principal international standards IEC 61215, Ed.2 and IEC 61730, and carry the MCS certificate, mandatory for the UK market.

Load tests confirm that BISOL photovoltaic modules can withstand up to 900 kg load on the front side and a perpendicular fall of hail, having a diameter of 25 mm and falling at a speed of 83 km/h.

Highly aesthetic appearance
BISOL modules are available in various designs, ranging from standard to the very elegant all-black module. Excellent performance is matched by extremely aesthetic appearance, contributing to the visual standards of any home.

Best price/performance ratio and lowest cost of electricity
Because of their superior performance, BISOL PV power plants produce up to 24% more electricity as compared with the next best competitor, enabling the investor to significantly reduce the initial investment. Considering also their lower degradation rate which results in a longer lifespan, electricity produced by BISOL PV power plants is even 20% cheaper.