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Perfection on another level

Latest manufacturing technology, the highest industry standards and quality criteria together with highly skilled human competence and 20 years of experience that cannot be bought on the market, rank BISOL among the most advanced companies in the solar industry worldwide.

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Latest manufacturing technology

BISOL Production’s advanced manufacturing techniques with robots that not only precisely work on their own, but also learn on the way, could be marked as Industry “4.1” with the next level of automation, data exchange and cognitive computing.

M10 Technology

Greater power output, higher efficiency and superior temperature performance

  • Half-cut solar cell technology with 10 thin-wired busbars enables higher efficiency, reduction of hot spots and lower shading losses.

  • An increased number of busbars facilitates local high current power distribution and reduces the inner electrical resistance, which basically enables higher power on the same surface.

  • Reflective wires increase light absorption.

  • Reduction in cell spacing improves efficiency.

3 to 7 laser passes and final mechanical cell halving for a precise cut to avoid edge-cracks.


Invaluable expertise

Even the most modern technological equipment cannot replace knowledge and decades of experience that cannot be bought on the market. BISOL employees play a major role in the product development process and control of production processes, as well as in quality control.

100% traceability for higher quality and productivity

The in-house tailor-made BISOL Tracking System offers monitoring of all the important data about every module produced through the serial number carrying fully comprehensive information about used materials, machine recipes, workers and customer details.


Rigorous testing and inspection

BISOL solar modules undergo more than 20 separate tests and inspections and their uncompromising quality is confirmed by hundreds of international and country specific certificates as well as independent client audits.

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