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The largest real European producer of solar modules 

BISOL Group has been active in the solar industry since 2004 when it started manufacturing PV modules. Expanding its offerings, mounting solutions and investments in solar power plants were integrated into its portfolio in 2009. With a production capacity of 750 MW BISOL Group is today considered the largest real European manufacturer of solar modules.

BISOL Milestones



Star of BISOL solar Modules manufacturing

Start of BISOL solar modules manufacturing



Star of BISOL solar Modules manufacturing

Start of full-black modules production



Star of BISOL solar Modules manufacturing

Adding PV mounting solutions
and investments into solar
power plants in BISOL portfolio


Opening the representative
office in Belgium (covering
Benelux market)



Star of BISOL solar Modules manufacturing

Opening the representative office in Italy



Star of BISOL solar Modules manufacturing

Opening the representative office in Great Britain

Launching of BISOL BIPV (building-integrated PV) modules



Star of BISOL solar Modules manufacturing

Launching of BISOL



Star of BISOL solar Modules manufacturing

Major production capacity increasement

Launching of highly transparent BISOL Lumina modules



Star of BISOL solar Modules manufacturing

Opening the representative office in France



Star of BISOL solar Modules manufacturing

Production facility modernization with advanced technology and new machinery



Star of BISOL solar Modules manufacturing

Launching BISOL Supreme™, the first module in the world to offer 25 years of 100% output power guarantee



Star of BISOL solar Modules manufacturing

Advanced automatization of the production with auto-bussing and complete switch to half-cut technology



Star of BISOL solar Modules manufacturing

Implementing machine learning techniques with automatic installation of the junction boxes



Star of BISOL solar Modules manufacturing

Switch to M10


A complete range of solar solutions and services from BISOL can already be found in more than 100 countries worldwide. Together with the Slovenian headquarters, the company runs its international operations from representative offices in Belgium, France, Italy, Dubai and the United Kingdom.

Present in more than 100 countries worldwide 

A trustworthy brand

With its commitment to the premium quality of the solar solution, BISOL Group received the prestigious Top Brand Award for its solar modules on four European markets: Belgium (fourth time in a row), France (fourth time in a row), Italy (third time) and Slovenia (third time in a row).


Established and owned by engineers

To establish a solar company almost two decades ago, when fossil fuels were still not considered as one of the biggest threats to the survival of humankind, you need a vision. The founder of BISOL, dr Uroš Merc, had one and it became a reality to its full extent. Today solar energy is one of the most self-sufficient and cost-competitive energy sources across the globe.


Progressive thinking embraced by BISOL, manifests itself through the supreme quality, by which we explore one of the fundamental primary goods – green electricity!


Dr Uroš Merc made his PhD in Electrical Engineering in the field of Solid State Physics and Quantum Mechanics. He defended his doctoral degree at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of Ljubljana, while during his studies he spent most of the time as a visiting professor at the Institute of Solid State Physics, Faculty of Physics, University of Technology, Vienna.

With a strong background in science and exceptional business track record, Dr Merc is a pioneer of the Slovenian photovoltaic (PV) industry. As a co-founder, majority shareholder and Chairman of BISOL Group, d.o.o. Dr Merc holds direct control in 35 companies with a total yearly turnover of 100 million Euro. 900 million Euro worth of export of goods and services is a milestone that BISOL Group achieved under his successful leadership, listing BISOL on the chart of the biggest exporters in Slovenia.

Among other recognitions for his accomplishments, Dr Merc has been awarded the Entrepreneur of the Year award and the Executive Manager Challenge award in 2009 and the Ruban d’Honneur award by the European Business Awards in 2010.

Dr Uroš Merc,
Founder and Chairman


Marko Poličnik graduated from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of Ljubljana, where he continued with postgraduate study. Main research area was in telecommunications with an emphasis on digital processing. As a young entrepreneur, Mr Poličnik has had already a successful company start-up on his record. In 2005 he joined Dr Merc on the path in the solar industry, where he started at the position of CTO.

At present, Mr Poličnik runs a position of BISOL Group CEO with responsibilities for Technology, Production, Supply Chain Management, Quality Management, Safety and Technical Services, Automation of Processes, Research & Development and IT.

Marko Poličnik,


Dag Kralj graduated with a BA degree from Webster University in 1991, after which he joined the Bank of Slovenia. He co-founded the foreign exchange reserves management department, which he also managed for two years at the end of his five-year tenure at the bank. In 1997, he was accepted to Harvard Business School, where in 1999 he became the first Slovenian to earn an MBA degree from the school.

After Harvard, Mr Kralj switched to management consulting and joined McKinsey’s London office. In 2002, he returned to Slovenia as a project director at a leading regional M&A adviser, after which he joined a leading regional asset management company, KD Group. There he served in different leadership positions.

Mr Kralj joined BISOL in November 2009 and his experience in finance and management complements the well-outstanding technical expertise of other Members of the Board.

Dag Kralj, MBA,
Member of the Board

BISOL_MFE_Erlih_9,5 kW (4).jpg

Environmentally sustainable company

We are giving the world into the hands of young generations, and we want to give it into the right hands. With more than 70 solar power plants owned by the company, BISOL Group produces ten times more electricity than it uses in the production of solar modules. Industrial waste is a burden to the environment left to future generations. At BISOL, we handle them very seriously. It is in our responsibility to participate in different PV module recycling programs and to continue developing our independent take-back systems. Manufacturing in Europe is another important contribution to our environmental endeavours because of the high standards that we are implementing and which help us to promote sustainability even further.


Always putting customers first

Understanding customer needs, and finding value in work we do for the client, is our only mission of doing business. When focusing on the customer, everything else follows automatically. As we usually say, it is not on us to sell, it is on you to buy. Of course, you will do this only if you find value in us. So, it is on us to create value for you, and we are feeling pleasure in doing so.

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