BISOL Supreme series

BISOL is proud to emphasise that its Supreme series of PV modules was the first and unique solar product in the world that offered 100% Guarantee on Output Power. As the industry trendsetter, the Supreme series allows for complete relaxation and enjoyment in the comfort of pure luxury, where you never worry about the performance of your decision. BISOL Supreme products are derived to perfection! It is all about bringing value to the market, always putting customers first. The guarantee and performance of the Supreme series boost the power plant profitability to the extremes. All you need is to sit back and enjoy watching it work!

You will recognise the Supreme series by the QR code signature attached to the backside of the PV module. The code is a direct link to the ID card that contains comprehensive information on every individual BISOL Supreme module. You will be able to find features like:

  • datasheet,

  • serial number,

  • customer order details,

  • manufacturing work order details together with directly involved personnel,

  • the material used,

  • end‑of‑process measurement data,

  • I/V curve,

  • visual camera image, and

  • EL images.

Every PV module wears a signature seal of a person who made the final quality inspection to personalise the responsibility for the Supreme’s perfection.

Please download a complete PDF presentation on BISOL Supreme here!

BISOL Supreme 60 cell

Supreme Monocrystalline

  • Monocrystalline Solar Cells

  • 60 cells

  • Power Classes: 315 W - 320 W

  • Frame colour: Black

  • Backsheet colour: Black

  • 100 % Output Power Guarantee on 25 years

  • 0 % Effective Degradation Rate

  • +11 % More Energy

  • Individualised QR Code

  • 25-year Product Guarantee

The only in the world!

BISOL Supreme

100% Output Power Guarantee

Limited to 30 MW

per BISOL client in 2020 and 2021

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