EasyMount™ Mounting Solutions

When BISOL’s designers were planning and constructing our EasyMount™ mounting solutions, they visualised the hardworking installers setting up the solar power plants.


Superior design consistently plays out with its simplicity, which first and foremost includes:

  • ease of installation,

  • reducing installation time,

  • the carefully selected, high-quality materials for long-term performance,

  • one-of-a-kind durability,

  • and impeccable resistance even in the toughest weather conditions.


To emphasise our strong conviction in mechanical strength of EasyMount, all of them carry at least 10-year product guarantee or even more.

Installed in more than 60 MW of solar power plants

BISOL’s EasyMount™ smart mounting structures cover a solution for every roof type, so the fact that they are installed in more than 60 MW of solar systems is not surprising. Simply use the EasyTool project and design tool to plan your solar plant in detail with your wishes and needs in mind.

Choose your EasyMount™ mounting solution according to your roof type:

  • flat,

  • inclined.


Do not hesitate to ask us anything about the mounting solution you need.