Flat roofs

When drafting a PV system on your flat roof or any other horizontal surface, it is extremely important to have a variety of configuration and layout options to optimally exploit the space, which associates with maximizing performance and minimizing the material, costs and time needed for assembly. Pick one of the three reliable and flexible BISOL EasyMount™ mounting solutions for any residential, commercial or even industrial project.

Elegant HDPE 200

  • For all types of flat roofs and surfaces

  • Extremely time-saving quick installation

  • No tools required

  • No roof penetration

  • Lightweight and stackable

  • Low installation costs and economical transport

  • Efficient cooling

  • Made of high-quality recyclable materials

  • 15-year product guarantee

Elegant HDPE.png

Elegant HDPE 200

Slim BASE & Twin Slim BASE

  • Optimised design = less material = lower price

  • Optimised packaging: less components & no cutting

  • Certified design and materials 

  • Adjustable distance between rows

  • South-facing or east-west orientation

  • Fits most PV modules

  • Cost-effective

  • Easy installation & adaptation

  • High wind (0 – 150+ km/h) and snow load resistance (0 – 2.4 kN/m2 with BISOL PV modules)

  • No roof drainage interference

  • 10-year product guarantee

Slim BASE.png

Slim BASE & Twin Slim BASE

*Smart tip

Use Twin Slim BASE for east-west orientation using the same universal components as Slim BASE.


  • Very versatile and customisable

  • Many incline angles

  • With or without roof penetration

  • Time saving: preassembled A-frame connections

  • Lightweight layout option

  • Excellent snow load and high wind resistance

  • 10-year product guarantee

Alpine TRIANGLE.png


*Smart tip

Alpine TRIANGLE combined with Robust BOLT forms a solution for extra stability in the most extreme weather even on inclined roofs.

BISOL Accessories

BISOL Accessories_edited_edited_edited_edited.jpg

BISOL Accessories

Take a look at the assortment of BISOL EasyMount™ Accessories, which will alter your installing into an easier, faster and safer experience.