Inclined roofs

The denominator of BISOL’s inclined roofs EasyMount™ mounting solutions are the simplicity to save your precious time, the durability to resist the most demanding weather conditions, and the adjustability to match your specific desires. You can choose from the selection of our 4 smart pitched-roof installation systems to match your needs building a solar power plant on your tile coverings, corrugated roofs, trapezoidal metal sheet roofs or any other steel, wooden or even concrete structures.

Quick RAIL

quick RAIL.png

Quick RAIL

  • Suitable for lower metal sheet thicknesses

  • Fits most trapezoidal metal sheets

  • Only 4 parts

  • Short installation time

  • No on-site cutting, no swarf

  • Cost-effective solution

  • High wind (0 – 170+ km/h) and snow load resistance (0 – 5.4 kN/m2 with BISOL PV modules)

  • Improved ventilation

  • ETA certificate

  • 10-year product guarantee

Robust BOLT

  • Suitable for all types of corrugated roofs

  • Suitable for steel, wooden or concrete roof structures

  • Any roof inclination

  • Lightweight, but rigid materials

  • Adjustable in height

  • High wind (0 – 150+ km/h) and snow load resistance (0 – 2.4 kN/m2 with BISOL PV modules)

  • Watertight connection

  • 10-year product guarantee

Robust BOLT.png

Robust BOLT

*Smart tip

Robust BOLT is compatible with Alpine TRIANGLE, a versatile solution primarily designed for  flat roofs , to form even more stability on your pitched roofing.


  • Suitable for most types of tiled roofs

  • Exceptional load-carrying capacity

  • 3x adjustment: double height (at the batten & at the top of the hook) AND side slide

  • High wind (0 – 150+ km/h) and snow load resistance (0 – 5.4 kN/m2 with BISOL PV modules)

  • Versatile installation options

  • High-grade non-corrosive materials

  • Cost effective: number of hooks can be adjusted to fit the project’s needs

  • 10-year product guarantee

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  • BIPV = Building integrated PV solution

  • Elegant and aesthetic in-roof Solrif® system

  • No need for traditional roof tiles

  • Luxuriuos assortment of colours

  • Watertight and seamlessly integrated

  • Easy installation and servicing

  • For 10 − 70° roof pitches

  • Ventilated substructure

BISOL Accessories

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BISOL Accessories

Take a look at the assortment of BISOL EasyMount™ Accessories, which will alter your installing into an easier, faster and safer experience.