Guarantee Registration

The Standard Limited Product Guarantee and the 25-year Linear Performance Guarantee are automatically activated when the modules are purchased (subject to standard General Sales Terms and Conditions). You can request an official guarantee certificate for BISOL modules installed in your PV system by filling out the form below. You will need a 10-digit serial number of at least one module which is displayed at the front side of the module, or on the sticker at the back of the module, or on the flash list. You can also request it from you installer. Once you have submitted the form, you will receive an email with the official guarantee certificate.

By entering the required data for issuing a guarantee registration certificate, you allow the BISOL Group to collect, process and protect your personal and other technical data for the purpose of keeping records of registered guarantees and statistical data in accordance with the applicable European and Slovenian legislation in the field of personal data protection. Information will be used for tools to further on analyse and improve your user experience.

Thank you for choosing BISOL’s PV modules that will provide you with unlimited energy of the sun.

Link to Guarantee Registration

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