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Have you met the new generation of EasyMount™?

Updated: Jul 1, 2021

Just recently, BISOL introduced the new – even better, even simpler and even faster – generation of EasyMount™ mounting solutions.

The new generation was designed and constructed constantly having the hardworking installers in minds.

The basic questions to answer were:

· How to reduce the precious installation time?

· How can we simplify installing EasyMount™?

· Can we do all that by keeping the high-quality materials, long-term performance, one-of-a-kind durability and impeccable resistance even in the toughest weather conditions?

Our project design team managed to bring together all three of the above questions. Less components for cost-effective and time saving solutions were designed, and to emphasise our strong conviction in mechanical strength of EasyMount™, all of the EasyMount™ mounting solutions carry at least a 10-year product guarantee or even more.

BISOL’s EasyMount smart mounting structures cover a solution for every roof type – flat or inclined. Simply use the EasyTool project and design tool to plan your solar plant in detail with your wishes and needs in mind.

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