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Congratulations to Triple Solar for winning the ENGIE Technology Award!

Updated: Feb 21, 2023

We are very proud to inform you that our partner, Triple Solar from the Netherlands, an extraordinary producer of innovative photovoltaic thermal hybrid solar (PVT) collectors, has won the ENGIE Technology Award.

We are honoured that BISOL Premium PV Laminates are used in

the Triple Solar PVT collectors.

Did you know? The PVT collectors are used for heating, cooling, providing hot tap water and electricity in a sustainable way – 24 hours per day in any season.

The unique technology developed by Triple Solar passes the heat, generated by the PV modules, to the heat collector in the most effective way. In close collaboration a tailor-made PV product was designed to perfectly fit Triple Solar’s thermal collector. As result, an exclusive BISOL product was thoughtfully created for an extraordinary Triple Solar solution.

In BISOL Group, we aspire to creative solar solutions and enjoy being part of them. For example, just a few weeks ago, we posted one of the innovative common solutions we created together with Triple Solar. In this case, the ATES (heat cold storage) of the residential care complex had more heat extracted from the source than supplied back during the summer through passive cooling of the building, which is dangerous in the long term. Triple Solar installed 340 PVT heat pump panels for the regeneration of the ATES, using BISOL XL Laminate modules.

We wish our partners Triple Solar many more successful projects and effective solutions on the sunny side of life.


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