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BISOL Supreme™ facing exceptional sales demand

Updated: Jun 14, 2021

After launching the trend-setting PV module BISOL Supreme™, which guarantees to its owners a 100% output power over 25 years of operation, at the beginning of 2020, BISOL is facing a surge in sales of its worldwide unique solar PV module.

The perfect PV module, as denoted by some of our clients, was designed and is manufactured in the European Union.

Skyrocketing demand for BISOL Supreme

Recently, the demand for BISOL Supreme™ skyrocketed, and 100 % output powered modules evolved into a top‑hit. Just in the last three months, more than 50 MW of BISOL Supreme™ has been contracted. With the majority still being sold in Europe, the popularity is growing significantly in:

Foto: Off Grid BV
  • the Benelux countries,

  • France

  • Italy,

  • Norway,

  • Lithuania,

  • and Ireland.

The sales have reached great success also in our local market, Slovenia. More than 3 MW of this highly advanced product have been sold, despite the small size of the overall market.

To relax and fully enjoy the comfort of BISOL Supreme™, apply for BISOL Supreme™ Cashback and be rewarded when buying the most luxurious and high‑performance product available in the world.

In 2020 and 2021, the BISOL Supreme™ will have limited availability of 30 MW per BISOL client.


Words of BISOL’s co-founder and chairman Dr Uros Merc

“We are very proud of the whole BISOL team bringing discipline to or products day by day. By everybody giving its best, we have been able to continue with our significant new employment rate amid the severe pandemic times. We are proud to announce that our production capacities have been fully utilised by the end of the year and that in the first two weeks of 2021 we will be upgrading our production capacities to meet further demand from our esteemed customers. This is our way to keep on delivering the most advanced BISOL solar PV modules.”

Foto: BISOL production


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