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BISOL Supreme™ now offering powers up to 365 Wp

Because we cherish your trust and we want to be better every day, we researched, developed and produced in the half-cut version of BISOL Supreme™ series.

With pride and enthusiasm, we can finally offer you solar panels with the most progressive M6 dimension half-cut cells in our Supreme series. If you were excited about BISOL Supreme™ solar panels made with G1 technology, this news will make you even happier. Get to know the most luxurious product on the market with the revolutionary idea that the customer should not worry about the degradation of the product at all nor pay for the costs of it.

As already proven many times, BISOL Supreme™ products are derived to perfection. Besides in our Premium series with at least 85% output power guarantee after 25 years of operation, the half-cut technology solar panels are now available in BISOL Supreme™ series, the only series in the world to offer 25 years of 100% output power guarantee. The half-cut BISOL Supreme™ module is now available in powers up to 365 Wp.

BISOL R&D team is capable of developing a perfect module using specialised equipment, top-notch components, certified materials tested till destruction in BISOL’s climate chamber, and unique manufacturing processes. Using only the best quality EVA foil is important, but it is also crucial to use enough of it, not saving cost at this point, as some of the manufacturers do by cutting EVA too short and too narrow, not sufficing the size of the glass. During lamination, which is significantly longer in BISOL, the EVA turns into gel. By the industry standard, 65% of gel content is efficient, but BISOL uses 85% or more, proven by track record of more than 15 years and random peel tests in every single shift in the production.

BISOL brand stands for the indisputable quality, reliability, customer-oriented services and continuous drive for technological innovations. At this point we would like to show gratitude to our research and development team which made this new era of BISOL solar panels possible. Driving force behind our activities is always customer satisfaction. Precisely that is the reason why we offer such a broad range of products that our team develops tailored to your specific needs.

We are more than confident that this new acquisition is the ideal solution for your power plant. Find out more about BISOL Supreme™ here.


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