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BISOL Group – a European Solar Manufacturer Free from Forced Labour

Updated: May 25, 2021

The solar industry around the world is significantly related to Chinese manufacturers and suppliers. After new research that CNN reported about this week suggesting a high portion of it could be related to the exploitation of minorities, BISOL Group as a solar manufacturer is emphasizing the importance of respecting human rights of the workers around the globe.

The report about the alleged forced labour in the Chinese region Xinjiang is accusing the Chinese government and the communist party of exploiting the region’s Uyghur population as well as other religious and ethnic minorities by forced labour and physical abuse. They are allegedly relocating millions of people from the rural area to industrial centres by force and then using them as a workforce in the internment camps and forced labour programs.

While CNN gave an opportunity to the Asian solar players, such as JA Solar, Trina, LONGi and JinkoSolar, to speak up and clarify the subject, unfortunately, they received no response.

BISOL Group is located in Slovenia (European Union) and active on the solar market since 2004. We are ensuring that our solar supply is free of forced labour, not only within our own companies but also in terms of carefully choosing only reliable and trusted raw material suppliers.

The severe human rights abuse that seems to be going on regularly in Xinjiang is disturbing and very concerning. “It is extremely important to speak up on the subject, not only to be absolutely transparent and clear that BISOL Group has no connection whatsoever with forced labour, but also to loudly protest against such actions and behaviour to raise global awareness on the suspicious practices by the Chinese government and manufacturers,” says dr Uroš Merc, founder and chairman of BISOL Group. “After finding out about the cruelty that the Chinese minorities are allegedly dealing with, would you still find it appropriate buying products on which humans were forced? Can you put a price on being free of forced labour? It is a disgrace to violate basic human rights and there is no apology for looking the other way. It is time to rethink the values and do the right thing! Those people need our support as we would need theirs should have the situation been turned around.”

In BISOL Group, we have been emphasizing for years how crucial it is to choose your solar products that exhibit a strong track record, are traceable and transparent. Products being designed, manufactured, handled, certified and serviced in Europe by its definition undergo such standards. Since the early beginnings more than 16 years ago, BISOL Group has been advocating and developing these standards, all to deliver top-notch solar products.

Besides solar PV modules, BISOL Group offers its unique mounting solutions and is active in solar power plant investments. As a specialist in all downstream segments including turn‑key projects, we operate manufacturing and other activities under all relevant international standards and fulfil the most stringent criteria they impose, including quality, environmental, health and safety management systems.

All BISOL Group products and services are strictly free from forced labour.


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