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Sončna elektrarna


I had the unique opportunity to get a glimpse of the manufacture of solar modules at BISOL. I was glad to see the high level of automation, the efficient use of space, the cleanliness, but above all Total Quality Management. I want to congratulate the BISOL team for their professional lean manufacturing approach.

Yves Struyve, GPC Europe


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We met the BISOL company years ago at the Intersolar fair in Germany. We immediately got the impression that they are at the very top of the world producers that can compete with the largest manufacturers of solar panels. The partnership is a reflection of our desire to offer our customers the best solutions. Effective communication and full transparency are important to us, including being able to see how solar panels are being produced with our own eyes.

Radomir Putnik, REŠENO, rešitve energetske oskrbe, d.o.o.


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We have been distributing BISOL at Carbomat since 2009. The collaboration is very smooth and professional. The partnership that we have entered into with BISOL enables us to enrich the solar market together and actively support our installers. That makes us a major player for the entire Benelux. BISOL offers high-quality European products and is strongly active in the further evolution of the solar panel market.

Maarten Deville, Carbomat


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