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Switching to M10 BISOL enhances Efficiency and Power Output

Updated: Sep 13, 2022

All BISOL PV panels will be switched to M10 at the beginning of the year 2023.

Technological advancement and constant progress have always been at the heart of the photovoltaic industry. In BISOL Group, the biggest real European manufacturer and one of the leading world manufacturers of premium quality solar modules, we decided to make a step further in modernizing our production technology: with the new year of 2023, all BISOL PV panels will be switched to M10 technology.

Greater power output, higher efficiency and superior temperature performance

From January 1st on, BISOL solar modules will be encapsulated with advanced half-cut solar cells with 10 thin-wired busbars. While the M10 wafer enables greater power output, higher efficiency and superior temperature performance, the reflecting wires increase light absorption and add up to the efficiency as well. The third enhancement derives from the higher density of the solar cells, namely reduction in cell spacing improves the module’s efficiency.

Changing technology of the newly developed solar modules will also affect their dimensions – they will be slightly shorter and a bit wider:

  • The dimensions of the smaller module with 108 half-cut solar cells will be 1,722 x 1,134 x 30 mm. The module will still weigh only 22 kg, while providing powers up to 415 Wp.

  • The larger module will contain 132 cells with a size of 2,094 x 1,134 x 35 mm and a weight of 26 kg, whilst power-wise, it will go up to 505 Wp.

Progressive solar solutions for the green transition

BISOL strives towards constantly equipping our partners with the best of what the solar market has to offer – designed, manufactured, handled, certified and supported in the heart of the European Union. As one of the leaders of the European green transition BISOL Group with its innovative solar solutions is not only contributing to a cleaner environment but also strives to expand the idea of sustainability worldwide.


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