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Colour your life with BISOL Spectrum

Updated: Feb 21, 2023

BISOL Group always impresses with creative inventions. This time it added two new colours to the existing wide palette of the BISOL Spectrum.

BISOL Spectrum photovoltaic modules with coloured glass are now available in two new colours:

  • Terracotta ORANGE and

  • Alabaster WHITE.

They were designed not only to conform but also to refine the architectural traits of buildings and roofs of various types and styles.

ORANGE glass matches the shades of Dutch buildings and brick roofs all around the world and maintains the colour recognition of the environment. A unique look allows discreet blending with the scenery, hence preserving the timeless beauty of diverse natural settings.

On the other hand, WHITE glass is a great solution for seamlessly blending with large surface buildings and maintaining their historic character. White colour versatility is not the only an advantage, but it will keep buildings cooler and also contribute to the manifestation of the building’s modern design features.

It is time to stop compromising aesthetics for efficiency when harnessing the endless power of the sun.


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