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BISOL solar modules on a mission against climate change in Antarctica

100% EU-made BISOL solar modules have been installed to power the first-ever zero-emission research station in Antarctica.

Even though BISOL solar modules are present in more than 100 countries around the world, some places still seem unreachable for solar technology; there is no better place on Earth for breaking down this assumption than Antarctica.

Through its contribution of solar modules, BISOL supports the Brussels-based International Polar Foundation, which, with help from its many partners and the Belgian state, designed and built the first-ever “zero emission” polar research station, the Princess Elisabeth Antarctica. This groundbreaking station is powered by wind turbines, solar photovoltaic panels, and solar thermal panels. The project demonstrates how the climate challenge can be met and how readily accessible technology can help us to achieve a low-carbon society.

The revolutionary design and clean energy concept of the research station seamlessly integrate passive building technologies, renewable wind, solar installations, and power electronics in a micro smart grid that delivers maximum energy efficiency.

We are honored to be a part of a project that shares the values and the mission of our company. At BISOL Group, we believe that companies can play a key role in building a sustainable economy and society, which is why we take our responsibility toward the environment and the community around us very seriously.


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