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BISOL PV modules with more symmetrical appearance

Updated: Jun 14, 2021

PREBOLD, 21 January 2019 – Following our vision of creating premium quality and aesthetically pleasing products, we will start producing BISOL PV modules with an even more uniform design. With the implementation of our recent advanced production facility we will also introduce a new, more symmetrical PV module design with only one visible line of tabbing ribbons.

BISOL PV modules will keep all electrical and mechanical characteristics; only the visual part will change creating less difference between the top and the bottom part of the PV module. With the new soldering design we would like to achieve an even better uniformity for your utmost satisfaction.

The new design will gradually be introduced from January 21, 2019 onwards. During the transition period, there will still be a combination of both the old and new design of BISOL PV modules available in the market. To enable a smooth transition to the new BISOL PV modules and to prevent mixing the two different designs we will, for some period of time, label the new modules with a blue sticker on the frame of the module. However, all modules will still be perfectly matched according to their specific electrical properties. The change applies to all newly produced standard BISOL PV modules.


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