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BISOL modules qualified for low carbon projects in France

Updated: Jun 14, 2021

BISOL Group has once again received CERTISOLIS’s low carbon footprint certificate for the BISOL Premium PV modules.

After receiving the CRE 3 certificate, BISOL is now validated with a CRE 4 certificate as well, which continues to turn a green light for the low carbon projects in France, but also confirms BISOL Group is a company that cares for the healthy environment.

Available for CRE 4 Tenders in France

In practice this means that BISOL’s PV modules can now be specified for CRE 4 tenders in France as the French Energy Regulatory Commission (CRE) requires this certificate, which covers carbon emissions of the whole life cycle of the products:

  • raw materials,

  • manufacturing,

  • transportation,

  • storage,

  • disposal,

  • recycling etc.

Green Commitment

The certificate is a validation of BISOL’s long-lived commitment to environmental sustainability. The solar power plants in BISOL’s ownership produce 20-times the amount of electricity that the BISOL Production uses for manufacturing the solar panels. Above that, the production is located in European Union, which is another important contribution to BISOL’s environmental endeavours because of the high standards implemented.

BISOL Team is utterly proud and honoured that BISOL Premium modules are now officially carrying the CRE 4 certificate. Designing and producing our modules with care for the environment, passion for solar technology and stringiest quality criteria in European Union surely does pay off.


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