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BISOL making leaps with bifacial gains of transparent PV modules

Updated: Feb 21, 2023

What a day for solar!

BISOL is enriching the world’s portfolio of solar modules with highly transparent backsheet by releasing 3 new products:

*BDO is a smaller size of a module with dimensions of 1,770 x 1,050 x 35 mm, while BBO is larger with 2,110 x 1,050 x 40 mm.

All BISOL’s transparent backsheet modules contain bifacial solar cells to maximise the PV module’s power potential and yield, namely from a few and up to 60% of the initial output power can be gained from the rare side of the module, depending on reflecting properties of the surface behind and the design of the PV system.

BISOL Lumina – Inspired by Light

BISOL Lumina is a solar product primarily intended to offer high transparency and transmittance of natural light, which is achieved by standard PV modules dimensions, and fewer cells with bigger gaps. The thoughtfully designed matrix promises at least 30% of transparent area for the best power/transparency ratio.

These properties classify BISOL Lumina as the best solution for winter gardens, skylights, sunshades, car canopies or other buildings which require better lighting. They are a splendid choice for greenhouses and other agrivoltaic projects majorly trending in the solar industry right now.

  • The smaller version of BISOL Lumina (BDO) existed before, but the same sized module with 6 x 7 + 6 x 7 cells matrix now offers even more power – 260 Wp, not even counting in the bifacial gain from the rare side of the module, which can boost the initial power up to 360 Wp in certain conditions or even more.

  • The true novelty in the BISOL Lumina type of solar panels is the larger (BBO) version that has a matrix of 6 x 8 + 6 x 8 cells, nominal power of 300 Wp, and a potential of bifacial gain to get the module to 420 Wp and more.

BISOL Bifacial – Inspired by Power

If power is much more important to you than the transparent area, BISOL Bifacial is a product that will back you up with its extreme power outputs. BISOL Bifacial will impress you with a standard set of high-power solar cells and a transparent backsheet to allow the light to pass through and work its magic with bifacial gain.

The smaller (BDO) version will produce up to 500+ Wp, while the larger (BBO) one could go up to 630+ Wp.

Choose your favourite transparent bifacial BISOL product, enjoy the power gain, and let the sun in!


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