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BISOL launches new M10 solar modules

The new M10 version of BISOL Group’s best-seller BISOL Duplex will already be available in February.

For BISOL Group, the biggest real EU producer of premium quality solar modules, the changes in production technology have always been a driver of innovation and progress. After record sales in 2022, the beginning of 2023 will be highlighted with new M10 solar modules with 10 thin-wired busbars that enable greater power output, higher efficiency and superior temperature performance.

The first batch of BISOL Group’s best-seller BISOL Duplex in full-black 400-420 Wp version together with its frameless version, BISOL Laminate, will already be available in February.

The first BBO (larger) modules, BISOL Bifacial and BIPV modules will be on the market in March. The additional advantage concerning the new Bifacial modules is the smaller and differently shaped junction box that enables even less shading when compared to the M6 generation.

The nominal power of the only solar module in the world that provides a 25-year 100% output power guarantee, BISOL Supreme™, is already known, and it will be available in a 400 Wp version.

BISOL Spectrum, the coloured modules that were designed to blend with buildings and roofs of various types and styles, especially in historical settings, will be at your disposal by April.

Check the datasheets.


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