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BISOL is once again recognized as a Top Brand on five EU markets

Updated: Jun 10, 2022

With its commitment to the premium quality of the solar solution, BISOL Group, an innovative Slovenian company and one of the world's leading manufacturers of solar modules, is strengthening its visibility and trust of business partners and customers on the global and local markets.

Alongside record business results in 2022, BISOL Group once again gained the prestigious

Top Brand Award on five European markets including domestic Slovenia:

- Belgium (third time in a row),

- France (third time in a row),

- Austria (second time in a row),

- Italy (again after 2020),

- Slovenia (second time in a row).

After interviewing 1,200 installation companies in photovoltaics from nine different European countries and Australia, EuPD Research created a high-quality and revealing analysis of the solar market. Based on the results, only best-in-class manufacturers may be awarded the Top Brand Award.

In BISOL Group, we are very proud of the fact that our pursuit of top quality, complete traceability in production, together with our commitment to environmental and social responsibility are reflected in trust and satisfaction of our customers.

With innovative solar products, BISOL is already present in almost 100 countries around the world. The exceptional growth of demand in domestic and global markets leads to new development challenges for the company. Due to the limited production capacities in current production in Prebold, Slovenia, we plan to expand our production at a new location in the near future, of course by staying in the European Union, most probably in Slovenia with some possibilities in Austria as well. Our goal is to triple the production capacities and double the number of employees in the next three to five years.


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