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BISOL Group with Four Top Brand PV Seals and 20% Growth

Updated: Jun 14, 2021

BISOL Group received the prestigious Top Brand PV Seal again. In 2021, the award for four markets came as a recognition for the high-quality brand image among the worldwide players and, together with 20% growth in terms of volumes in 2020, a validation of BISOL Group’s vision.

By interviewing 1,200 installation companies in photovoltaics from nine different European countries and Australia, EuPD Research created a high-quality and revealing analysis of the solar market. They asked the participants about their buying behaviour, the brands they choose as a part of their portfolio and other important questions.

As a result, BISOL Group achieved the outstanding outcome in terms of customers’ choice, satisfaction and recommendation, as well as the overall brand awareness. We are utterly and utmost proud to announce we have been awarded once again the amazing four the most prestigious Top Brand PV Seals in 2021 on the following markets:

  • France (again after already receiving it in 2018),

  • Belgium (for the second consecutive year now),

  • Austria for the first time,

  • and the domestic market Slovenia.

After researching the PV market in-depth, only the most excellent ones among all upstream and downstream players receive the award, which is an ultimate validation of the values and the path BISOL Group has been following for more than 15 years now.

For us, only the top-notch quality and truthful branding develop the reliability and trust in the eyes of our business partners.

BISOL products are designed, manufactured, handled, supported and certified in the heart of Europe. In BISOL, the EU made sign is not just part of the brand as seen at many competitors, but an actual reality.

All the above resulted in an outstanding year for BISOL Group. In terms of volume, BISOL grew by around 20% in 2020, thus exceeding the record year of 2019, although the year was marked by the coronavirus crisis.


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