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2019 New Year's Missive

Updated: Jun 14, 2021

Dear Fellow Co-workers, dear Friends,

When you are busy, time seems to fly. It does not seem long ago that we were reviewing the highlights of 2017. Now that the year has once again drawn to a close we have got another calendar full of memories and achievements to reflect on.

We can proudly conclude that 2018 was another record braking year with full of innovations and new alternative approaches. We have once again proved that we are a truly global company enjoying world-wide recognition and envy from many competitors. We are convinced that our success lies in daily focus to serve esteemed BISOL clients with best efforts and flexibility being engraved in all pores of our activities. Understanding the essence of our business has once again led us on the path towards the success. It is an especially satisfying achievement because it covers the entire business, including our hard-working colleagues who rarely see the limelight. Without them our operation simply would not be the same.

For many of our customers, the highlight of the year was 300+ W full black module that embraces many technical advantages introduced recently. We made an extraordinary achievement by installing our first turn-key project in Vietnam, which has once again proven our capability of being able to compete in the most difficult business segments. We have also made huge improvements in our mounting solution segment as well as PV plant operation that are performing better and better with every new year of track record.

Our setup for 2019 seems to be splendid and flourishing. We are greatly positioned to launch our half-cut cell modules, the full-full black series, and to further compete on the module output power. We are gladly expecting the first run of our new production line that will rocket our cost competitiveness to new levels. With delight we are aspiring towards new production capacities, new large PV installations, new generation of mounting solutions, and last but not least, our own new solar installation investments. We shall not put aside the fact that with solar we are accomplishing our goals for better and sustainable future for all humankind.

We trust you have enjoyed the journey through 2018 with us and we hope you have had a relaxed and convivial break during the festive period. We are greatly looking forward to seeing you once again in 2019!

Let us allow ourselves to HAVE ANOTHER BEST YEAR EVER!

Dr Uros Merc


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