Values matter to us!


It is fair to say that people are our highest value. Customers or employees, happiness is a derivative of relationships that shape our characteristics. Knowing life purpose, being self‑confident, cherishing honesty and love to smile, means that you feel good at what you are doing. Work occupies more than half of our awake time, which is why it is so essential to enjoying it. Having fun is what we need to blossom.


Integrity, passion, and quality are a group of values that go hand in hand. To be real, open, ethical, and fair. People trust us to adhere to our words. Passion means to be committed in heart and mind to never give up in reaching goals. Having these qualities, the quality of our work cannot lapse. What we do, we do well. Perfection is our goal, and we never stop aspiring for it.


Understanding customer needs, and finding value in work we do for the client, is our only mission of doing business. When focusing on the customer, everything else follows automatically. Be fair, and you can add even more value. Mutual trust and open-mindedness bring lots of satisfaction and open new opportunities.


Creativity is one of the greatest pleasures in life. To be successful means to share creativity with others. With creativity, even hard work can bring pleasure and joy. We excel from our creativity.


And finally, creating sustainability, doing it for the environment, for us and our future generations, making the world better, and knowing that we are doing good, wraps up the list of our values that we strive to accomplish with our every‑day’s efforts.


The vision that has always appeared to be impossible has now become a reality in its full extent. With photovoltaics, the Sun has become available to humankind as the most self-sufficient source of renewable energy. For us, it represents an inexhaustible source of energy that has defined our past and will create our future. Visionary and progressive thinking embraced by BISOL, manifest themselves through the supreme quality, by which we explore one of the fundamental primary goods – the green electricity!


Purpose of BISOL is to take care of the environment by helping people to generate green electricity using solar power plants. Fossil fuels have become one of the biggest threats for the survival of the humankind, and their use must be stopped by all means as soon as possible. Renewables, especially solar, have in the past decade become more cost competitive than conventional energy sources across the globe. Being energy self-sufficient is vital for everybody in modern society, whereas solar technology made well-being and overall progress in rural areas possible.


In our capacity of serving the international solar landscape, BISOL has gone through many phases of production capacity expansion, technology modernization and state‑of‑the‑art automation of the manufacturing processes. As always, we continue to strive integrating perfection into our products and services that BISOL provides. Throughout the years, we were able to develop strong relationships with numerous suppliers of solar components from around the globe because only close cooperation can assure uncompromised quality for optimal performance of BISOL products. We do all this to make the solar industry ever more competitive and to justify high expectations of our esteemed customers.

BISOL brand stands for the indisputable quality, reliability, customer-oriented services and continuous drive for technological innovations. Driving force behind our activities is always customer satisfaction. Precisely that is the reason why we offer such a broad range of products that our team develops tailored to your specific needs.

BISOL is all about bringing value to the market, always putting customers first.

As we usually say, it is not on us to sell, it is on you to buy. Of course, you will do this only if you find value in us. So, it is on us to create value for you, and we are feeling pleasure in doing so.