BISOL solar water pump system

The simplicity and ease of reaching the vital water sources with BISOL water pump system where they are not easily accessible or the electricity is not reliable impresses more and more people every day. While BISOL water pump system is indispensable giving the clean electrical power to submersible or surface water pumps which pump water from wells, streams, ponds and other water reservoirs, it is useful in a wide range of situations:

  • daily household sanitary water needs

  • watering livestock

  • industrial water supply or

  • crop irrigation.

Wherever used, it requires zero fuel and very little maintenance.

Reasons for installing BISOL solar pump system:

  • Reliable power supply

  • Independence from the electrical grid

  • Automatic operation

  • Dry run detection

  • Pump clean sequence

  • Low operating costs

  • Easy to transport and relocate

  • Low-maintenance solution

  • Requires no batteries

  • Environmentally friendly


How does BISOL solar system for water pumps work?

BISOL PV modules start producing the clean energy at the sunrise. Soon after the start, when there is enough energy, the pumping slowly starts. As the PV array gains even more power, the pumping accelerates. In the evening, the pumping slows down and the off-grid system shuts down at night, however, we can connect the pump drive to the grid to continue pumping during the night.

Solar water pump scheme


* Pump motor and water pump must be provided by the user and are not included in BISOL Solar Pump System offer.

The logic behind this solar installation is quite simple and it works perfectly. While you need water in the hot sunny days the most, this is the exact time when BISOL PV modules produce the most power. The environmentally friendly energy needs no batteries as all of it is used directly for pumping and storing the water in the tank so it can be used later.

How to choose the most adequate BISOL solar system size for solar pump?

Simply provide us with the location and the pump motor power (HP or kW), so we can prepare the offer including all the main components:

Keep in mind that BISOL solar pump systems can power electrical water pumps varying from 0.37 kW to 45 kW power.