BISOL Solar Street Lighting

BISOL solar lighting is an exceptionally reliable lighting solution, useful in any home, business or along city streets. Completely independent of electricity it lights up all night even at power cuts and grid failures − without any excavation, cable laying and public grid connection, and above that, the lights do not overheat. So while avoiding many installation costs at the installation, maintenance costs are also extremely low compared to conventional lighting, as the solar street lights require almost zero maintenance.

All components strictly follow BISOL Group’s goal of exclusive top quality, and are both designed and manufactured in the EU. The functions of automatic dimming, self-regulated switch on/off function and motion detection enable not only a usage that is comfortable and carefree, but also more responsible energy consumption and minimal light pollution.

  • Automatic switch on/off function           

  • European components of superior quality

  • EC certified

  • Bluetooth configurable

  • Long service life

  • Integrated photo sensor             

  • Generously equipped basic solution

  • Automatic dimming & Motion detection option               

  • Environmentally friendly

  • Best price-quality ratio 

solar street l.png

BISOL Solar street lighting

You will need these system components:

A module, specially designed for efficient battery charging, can be positioned at any azimuth at a fixed 40˚ or 55˚ angle for the best energy yields.

  • LED light source

High performance illuminant allows extremely long service life and zero upward light output ratio.

  • Pole

A strong pole provides adequate support for the PV module, LED light source and other components.

  • PIR motion sensor

The sensor enables efficient energy management during the night. It detects body movement and switches off the dimming effect, which automatically resumes after a few minutes.

  • HDPE shaft

Located below ground, it stores the battery, charge regulator and timer.

  • MPPT solar charge regulator

It controls battery charging and prevents it from discharging below 50 % DOD (depth of discharge).

  • Solar battery

Energy storage solution with longer service requires no maintenance.

  • Configurable timer

The timer controls the switch on/off function and the automatic dimming function based on a set time, which can be adjusted for each day of the week. It promotes intelligent energy management and preserves the battery.