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Think twice before choosing your solar brand.


Invest into BISOL,
one of the rare truly European solar brands.



Designed and manufactured in EU (not just labelled)


Quality certifications made in Europe (also not just labels)


Durable and long-lasting to serve you for 70+ years

100% power.jpg

Exquisite elegance and beauty of PV modules

Unsurpassed guarantees:

  • BISOL Supreme™ is the only solar module in the world with 25 years of Output Power Guarantee.

  • After sales support in Italy!

Ask your favourite solar installer to get you BISOL!

What would you choose

to make your home more friendly

to your wallet and the environment?

BISOL Supreme™.

Pure luxury of a sleek full-black solar power plant.

BISOL Spectrum.

Stand out by blending in with coloured PV modules.

Ask your favourite solar installer to get you BISOL!

Find out more:

Power inside,

elegance outside.

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