Educating younger generations

BISOL Group has invested into over 40 solar installations placed onto the roofs of kindergartens and schools only in Slovenia. Most of them have displays installed in the lobbies, showing the positive impact solar power plants have on the environment. We are giving the world into the hands of young generations, and we want to give it into the right hands.

Environmental sustainability and Recycling

From our solar power plants, at BISOL Group we every year generate 10-times the amount of electricity that we use for the production of BISOL PV modules.

Industrial waste is a burden to the environment left to future generations. At BISOL, we handle the waste very seriously. It is in our responsibility to participate in different PV module recycling programs and to continue developing our independent take-back systems. In this way, the materials used for solar systems can be repeatedly returned to the material cycle without loss of value or quality. We avoid the use of toxic materials in our production processes.

Manufacturing in Europe is another important contribution to our environmental endeavours because of the high standards that we are implementing and which help us to promote sustainability even further.

All this makes us a truly environmentally sustainable company!

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