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BISOL Group Receives a Top Brand PV Seal for its Excellent Solar Modules

Updated: Feb 21, 2023

We are proud to announce that we have been awarded the prestigious Top Brand PV Seal. The award comes as a recognition for the high-quality brand image in Italy and Belgium, where BISOL continues to achieve the outstanding customers’ appreciation and stands out among many worldwide players also in 2020.

After winning the Top Brand PV Seal first in 2018 for outstanding performance in France, BISOL Group has been now recognised as one of the top solar brands for 2020 in Italy and Belgium.

The award comes from the comprehensive research done by a company EuPD Research, which every year conducts a European‑wide survey among different industry stakeholders, including distributors, installers, and end‑customers. Evaluation of technical aspects of the products, as well as brand perception and brand awareness reported by the industry experts, serve as the basis for the award. The purpose of it is to understand why some brands work so well on the market.

By investigating ten key individual evaluation factors, the researches recognised BISOL for its original and specific signature in photovoltaics, which makes the company, the products, and the brand distinguishable and prevailing over the competition.

“Top Brand PV Seal is a very important recognition from all who cherish and understand the European made products, where we are passionate about implementing the highest industry standards and stringiest quality criteria they impose into premium quality products”, says Dr Uros Merc, founder and chairman of BISOL Group. “The care involved in highly skilled human competence is just as important as modern technology to guarantee the quality of a BISOL solar module. For the last 15 years, we are fully committed to the local presence of BISOL in Italy and Belgium, putting best efforts to support our esteemed clients there. It is an absolute privilege when care for our clients returns with their trust in BISOL as a premium brand.”

Empowered by the received award, BISOL will continue with its hard work to deliver further customer satisfaction. The newly launched BISOL Supreme™ Series of solar modules, which is the only in the world with the 100 % Output Power Guarantee, is the best that can be offered to even the most demanding clients.


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